About Soleco Technology Ltd

Who we are?

Soleco Technology Ltd was founded and established in Mauritius in June 2011 as a high technology oriented firm, primarily active in sustainable industries, green services and eco-products . Managing director and founder Benoît J.A. Schmitt brought together top expertise from industry, academia, government, information management, and professional services world-wide to create an excellence hub for sustainable development.

Since start-up we have been successfully active with dozen clients in 51 countries worldwide extended to different activities branches as industries and services. Our expertise approach focuses on congregating economic, social and environmental requirements and needs for tangible objectives throughout the entire relationship.

Our systematic approach gives you assurance of receiving best sustainable value solution. In order to help you achieve your objectives we leverage our global network and put state of the art know-how and shared experience at your disposal.

Our Sustainable Values

Soleco Technology Ltd wants to contribute positively to society development while minimizing any negative effect it might have on the environment for the benefit of the blue planet.
This approach to business — balancing economic interests against social and environmental concerns — is commonly referred to as sustainability.
We help organisations and individuals in sustainable development consulting with a focus upon the 3P bottom-line:

  • Make Profit
  • Care People
  • Save Planet

Why choose us?

With visits and activities in over 55 countries over the planet, our global expertise view is virtually open to the world’s best leading companies. Your requirements can be locally oriented, understood, and focused on sustainable performance achievement in your specific industry or services area.
Our expertise approach is based on findings from daily experiences and systematic methodology with our clients and extensive market knowledge.

What we do

Whatever are your goals, we have the global thinking to empower them.

Active understanding

You would like us to understand quickly your environmental needs

Effective proposals

You expect effective proposals that fulfill your sustainable wishes.

Integrated implementation

You want to be integrated in an action plan.


You expect results that provide eco-competitive edge.